Jejak Ridwan Kamil

dari Bandung, untuk Indonesia, menginspirasi Dunia

Bandung Creative Show Case 2007 – Common Room Networks Foundation

“PT. URBANE Indonesia was established on 2004 in Bandung by M. Ridwan Kamil, award winner of British Council International Young Design of The Year 2006. URBANE’s ideas and visions for the built environment have a long journey in shaping most places both local and overseas. With the creative minds, URBANE brings to its worldwide clientele a team of several talented and visionary professionals that provide innovative solutions to complex problems. The firm has been involved in a broad variety of projects including large urban and suburban master- plans; mix use, a part of residential complex, entertainment, etc. Principal of the firm, who are recognized as a leader specializing in the clients needs, is intimately involved through completion of work and is committed to excellence in design and to serving our clients with unique solutions. The firm is dedicated to partnering with the clients to create places and architecture where the function and aesthetics work together, while responding to critical environmental and social issues, including ecology, visual impacts and economic viability. More info about URBANE can be found at Contact:”

via October « 2007 « Common Room Networks Foundation.


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