Jejak Ridwan Kamil

dari Bandung, untuk Indonesia, menginspirasi Dunia

Ridwan Kamil | People | Creative and Cultural Economy | British Council

POSITION: Founder/Principal, URBANE Indonesia

ROLE: YCE Finalist

Ridwan firmly believes that good design is good business!

International Young Design Entrepreneur Award 2006

Holding a Master of Urban Design degree from the University of California at Berkeley and working for 7 years in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong, Ridwan Kamil returned home in 2003 to establish his own architecture and design firm, Urbane Indonesia.

The award-winning firm now works on large scale projects throughout the Middle East, China and South East Asia, using their unique ‘project envisioning/branding’ approach to educate clients and better position their projects.

Ridwan also teaches architecture and writes on design and urbanism issues. He is currently campaigning his “Good Design is Good Business” concept nationwide, to promote better awareness of the importance of design in many large scale projects in Indonesia.

via Ridwan Kamil | People | Creative and Cultural Economy | British Council.


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